Anthropomorphine #1 Cover   Anthropomorphine #1, the issue that started it all! First published in   December 1993, and first available at ConFurence 5. 38 pages, A4   sized.

  Featured artists are;

  Sean Wally (cover artist)
  Sean Charlesworth
  Foxy (back cover artist)
  Adam Moss
  Ed Zolna

  With stories/features;

  "Sam & Max Computer Game Review." ( By Adam Moss. )
  "The Wildside (Part 1) By The Book." ( By Foxy. )
  "What's New At The RTBDA ?" ( By Robert Serocki. )
  "The Muse" ( By M. Donovan Cantu. )
  "Lonely Peace, Deadly Friendship (Part 1)." ( By Sean Charlesworth. )