Anthropomorphine #10 Cover   Anthropomorphine #10 with full colour front and back covers, 80 pages of art   and stories, was our initial farewell issue. Things didn't quite turn out that way   though! Contains a sneak preview of Lisanne Norman's "Dark Nadir" novel   (DAW Books) and also marks the end of James Donaldson's epic "The Long   Road"saga.

  Featured artists are;

  Tygger (cover artist)Andrea Adams
  James BirdsallDerrick Dasenbrock
  James DonaldsonFlinthoof
  FoxySummer Jackson
  Tobias KohlerBrian McPherson
  Michael NeveTerrie Smith

  With stories/features;

  "Dark Nadir." ( By Lisanne Norman. )
  "The Long Road (Part 5) End Of The Tour." ( By James Donaldson. )
  "Gone To The Dogs." ( By Charles Brown. )
  "The Welcoming." ( By Rommel Ignacio and Foxy. )