Anthropomorphine #11 Cover   Anthropomorphine #11 printed in the summer of 2000, ready for   Anthrocon, as Lazy Fox Studios went east coast US for conventions!

  Featured artists are;

  James Donaldson (cover artist)Andrea Adams (back cover artist)
  James BirdsallFlinthoof
  FoxyMaggie Hogarth
  Shawntae HowardUrsula Husted
  Mary LaiBrian McPherson
  Terrie SmithTygger

  With stories/features;

  "Mixed Nuts." ( By Ursula Husted. )
  "Limpidity." ( By Po Shan Cheah. )
  "To Catch A Thief." ( By Foxy. )
  "Team Player." ( By Will Sanborn.)
  "So You Want To Be A Writer ?" ( Hosted by Lisanne Norman. )
  "Zhuyana." ( By Forrest. )
  "The Call." ( By Cyndi Hoffman. )