Anthropomorphine #12 Cover   Anthropomorphine #12 was printed summer 2001, after a year's   unplanned absense from publishing.

  Featured artists are;

  Polecat (cover artist)Andrea Adams
  BhavpfoxJames Donaldson
  FoxyNatalie Goodridge
  Ursula HustedBryon Morisette
  Kyle SarrifTerrie Smith
  Sneakers (back cover artist)Tygger

  With stories/features;

  "Hyper Drive." ( By Bill Kieffer. )
  "Hiding From The Moonlight." ( By Will Sanborn. )
  "Limpidity." ( By Po Shan Cheah. )
  "Rahln's Loss." ( By Tsunsong. )
  "One Night." ( By Husky. )
  "Tamara The Barbarienne." ( By David Goodman. )