Anthropomorphine #13 Cover   Anthropomorphine #13 finally came out in early summer 2005 in time   for Anthrocon after a hiatus of some 4 years! Completely new printers   and new software packages for this issue.

  Featured artists are;

  Terrie Smith (cover artist)Raechel Coon
  FoxyDavid Goodman
  Ursula HustedSummer Jackson
  Tim JohnsonPelzig
  WingedwolfXianJaguar (back cover artist)

  With stories/features;

  "Winter Wind." ( By Mark McKay. )
  "Neko To Usagi No Konsen." ( By David Goodman. )
  "Like Mother Like Daughter, Like Father Like Son." ( By Will  Sanborn. )
  "Limpidity." ( By Po Shan Cheah.)