Anthropomorphine #2 Cover   Anthropomorphine #2, published in the summer of 1994. 52 pages A4   in size.

  Featured artists are;

  Maggie DeAlarcon (cover artist)Tim Baverstock
  Charles CaffreyM Donovan Cantu
  Craig CarringtonSean Charlesworth
  Jimmy ChinFoxy
  Peter LaVerdiereBryon Morisette
  Michelle SerockiCaroline Thorogood
  Ed Zolna

  With stories/features;

  "The Wildside (Part 2) Traitors and Lovers." ( By Foxy. )
  "The Terminotter." ( By Sean Charlesworth. )
  "The Ghost Of Ego." ( By Miskatonic Gryn. )
  "The Muse (Part 2) Confusion." ( By M. Donovan Cantu. )
  "Lonely Peace, Deadly Friendship (Part 2)." ( By Sean Charlesworth. )
  "Kittkatt, Fuzzy Warrior (part 1)." ( By Peter LaVerdiere. )