Anthropomorphine #3 Cover   Anthropomorphine #3, published November 1994, a special   Xmas/ConFurence 6 issue. The first to be the now-standard 64 pages.

  Featured artists are;

  M Donovan Cantu (cover artist)Simon Barber
  Tom BatesJack Cavanaugh
  Sean CharlesworthMaggie DeAlarcon
  FoxyPeter LaVerdiere
  Jason McIntoshBryon Morisette
  PolecatRobert Serocki
  Ted SheppardTygger
  Ed Zolna

  With stories/features;

  "What's New At The RTBDA Part 2." ( By Robert Serocki. )
  "The Wildside (Part 3) Peace At Christmas." ( By Foxy. )
  "Kittkatt, Fuzzy Warrior (Part 2)." ( By Peter LaVerdiere. )
  "Attempted Kidnapping." ( By Stan & Scott Alston. )
  "Toho Academy Eddie's A Good Sport." ( By Simon Barber. )
  "One Day At The Gym." ( By Scott Alston. )