Anthropomorphine #4 Cover   Anthropomorphine #4, published in the summer of 1995, debuting at   GenCon '95, Lazy Fox Studios being a guest of Unigraphix art.

  Featured artists are;

  Monika Livingstone (cover artist)Scott Alston
  Chris Berdoz (back cover artist)Maggie DeAlarcon
  Miskatonic GrynTerry Knight
  Jason McIntoshJoseph Ny
  PolecatRoy D Pounds
  Ted SheppardTygger

  With stories/features;

  "What's New At The RTBDA." ( By Robert Serocki. )
  "Cyberan (Chapter 1) The Beginning." ( By Chris Berdoz. )
  "Toho Academy Filly-al Affections." ( By Simon Barber. )
  "Hare-Man and She-Rat Go Shopping." ( By Sean Charlesworth. )
  "The Dorm." ( By Tom Narey. )
  "The Wildside (Part 4) Back From The Dead." ( By Foxy. )
  "Alex At The Bat." ( By Scott Alston. )