Anthropomorphine #5 Cover   Anthropomorphine #5 was published December 1995, making it's debut   at ConFurence 7.

  Featured artists are;

  Tygger (cover artist)M Donovan Cantu
  James DonaldsonFlinthoof
  FoxyMark Freid
  Tobias KohlerPeter LaVerdiere
  Jason McIntoshPolecat
  Robert SerockiTed Sheppard (back cover artist)

  With stories/features;

  "Toho Academy Back FROM The Future, Part II!" ( By Simon Barber. )
  "Circle Dance."( By Alan Martin. )
  "Fifteen Years."( By Foxy. )
  "The Terminotter Endures The Xmas Festivities." (By Sean Charlesworth.)
  "Tannin's Tribulations." ( By Flinthoof. )
  "The Fox and The Panthres." ( By John Cawley / illos by Cataroo. )
  "Theater Of Furry Fear." ( By Robert Serocki. )