Anthropomorphine #6 Cover   Anthropomorphine #6 was published 1996, featuring part 1 of James   Donaldson's "The Long Road", our longest running graphic story.

  Featured artists are;

  Flinthoof (cover artist)Maggie DeAlarcon
  James DonaldsonFoxy
  Mark Freid (back cover artist)Bryon Havreneck
  Andre' HeinonenKristine Klunder
  KobusPeter LaVerdiere
  Jason McIntoshDean Norton
  PolecatRoy D Pounds

  With stories/features;

  "The Long Road (Part 1) D.M.Z." ( By James Donaldson. )
  "Toho Academy More Dam' Problems!" ( By Simon Barber. )
  "A Griffon Story." ( By Will Sanborn.)
  "Untitled." ( By Kev Beeley. )