Anthropomorphine #7 Cover   Anthropomorphine #7 was printed in March 1997, slightly later than   planned, missing ConFurence 8.

  Featured artists are;

  Foxy (cover artist)James Donaldson
  Melissa DrakeFlinthoof
  Bryon HavraneckKobus
  Terry KnightPackrat
  Amy Pronovost (back cover artist)Wayne Quick

  With stories/features;

  "Toho Academy Broohilda's Roll-Model." ( By Simon Barber. )
  "The Long Road (Part 2) Shiago Dreams." ( By James Donaldson. )
  "Crazy Like A Fox Killin' Time." ( By Wayne Quick. )
  "More Than Just A Failure" ( By Will Sanborn. )
  "Hare-Man and She-Rat Contemplate The Universe." ( By Sean   Charlesworth. )
  "Tails Of Chanjonn On Vacation, Part 1." ( By Stan Alston Jr. / illos by   Scott Alston. )