Anthropomorphine #9 Cover   Anthropomorphine #9 was printed early 1998, and included in it's pages   a first for Lazy Fox Studios, an excerpt from a forthcoming novel.

  Featured artists are;

  Derrick Dasenbrock (cover artist)Sean Andersen
  James BirdsallFlinthoof
  FoxyJames Hardiman
  Bryon HavreneckShon Howell
  JW KennedyTerry Knight
  Brian McPhersonAmy Pronovost
  Terrie SmithTygger

  With stories/features;

  "The Long Road (Part 4) Final Attack" ( By James Donaldson. )
  "A New Beat." ( By Allen Kitchen. )
  "Thieves and Warriors." ( By Paul Kraly and Gina Roberts. )