Foxes Are Neat #1 Cover   Foxes Are Neat #1 - the first of a trilogy of fanzines devoted to the   anthropomorphic vulpine in art! A4 sized, 64 pages of illustrations and   pin-ups by some of the major names in furry artwork! First published   December 1994.


  Lance Rund (cover artist)Scott Alston
  Tom BatesJohn Boulton
  Charles CaffreySean Charlesworth
  Jimmy ChinSteve Corbett (back cover artist)
  Maggie DeAlarconPaul Defenbaugh
  Eric ElliottJoe Engledow Jr.
  FoxyWilliam Haas
  Jason JensenMichele Light
  Joseph NyPolecat
  Robert SerockiTed Sheppard
  Terrie SmithBrian Sutton
  TyggerKeith Wood