Foxes Are Neat #2 Cover

  Foxes Are Neat #2 - published November 1995, in response to   overwhelming support to the first issue. More famous names in   anthropomorphic artwork involved, and even including an original piece   sent to the publication! A4 sized, 64 pages.


  Michele Light (cover artist)Scott Alston
  Kev BeeleyChris Berdoz
  Sean CharlesworthJimmy Chin
  Eric ElliottFlinthoof
  FoxyMark Freid
  HazelJW Kennedy
  Terry KnightTaura Learfox
  Chuck MelvilleRobert Newell
  Joseph NyBrian O'Connell
  Polecat (back cover artist)Roy D Pounds
  Rob SerockiTerrie Smith
  TyggerJed Wahl
  Conrad Wong